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Dive into Spring Produce

September 1 and the turn of the season brings excitement to our household. Aside from the pool apparently being warm enough to swim in, the start of new season brings the delicious Spring produce to the table. Buying and consuming your local fruit and vegetables in season will ensure the tastiest and freshest produce at the best prices. Not only this but you will be helping reduce your carbon footprint as your food will not have been flown or trucked across the country or the world. Here's what's in season in South-East Queensland and Northern NSW now:


- Blood Oranges

- Bananas

- blueberries

- dates

- dragonfruit

- grapefruit

- guava

- mulberries

- mandarins

- strawberries

- pineapple

- pawpaw/papaya


- Asparagus

- Snow peas

- pumpkin

- zucchini

- squash

- eggplant

- beetroot

- cauliflower

- beetroot

- carrot

For nutritious recipes on how to use these fruits and vegetables, create shopping lists and select meals for specific dietary requirements check out